Edit DAO Profile

A DAO profile allows you to tell your DAO’s story, showcase your brand, highlight your achievements, and provide formal information.

DAO profile is for your community, ‘My profile’ is your public profile

Only members with the Admin role can edit a DAO profile. If you are an admin, you can do so in ‘Settings’ on the left side of your DAO’s profile page:

When editing your DAO profile, be sure to add the following:

1. Profile image - feature your DAO logo or image that represents the service you provide or your mission.

2. Cover image - this graphic is one of the most noticeable parts of a DAO page, so make the best of the design!

The cover image may be adjusted to fit the screen of the view viewer's screen in the image being trimmed horizontally or vertically. A high-quality image of recommended width and with little to no text will optimize the display across devices.

3. DAO name - choose a catchy name (you can change it later).

4. DAO description - tell the story of your DAO and describe your expertise. The ideal description is up to 500 characters. It will be put at the top of the page and should take up to 4 lines.

5. Public link - customize your DAO Profile URL to highlight it! This can be the name of your DAO or any other relevant address.

6. Add doc - upload up to 3 resources to help users learn about your DAO. Here you can link the whitepaper, documentation, and guide links. Put the link and doc name to use it as an anchor.

7. Socials - add handles of social network accounts associated with your DAO. They will turn into clickable icons displayed on the DAO profile.

Click Save Changes, and you're done!

Editing a DAO profile does not require any transactions or gas fee

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